Judy Sutton's Artwork -

Canada Geese:

Years ago Tennessee Ernie crooned, " My heart goes where the wild goose goes."
 and that song still resonates with me today.  The joyous honking of the geese in flight heralds the coming of spring.  In May, highway traffic is brought to a halt while the families cross the road in long strings:  first mama and then her goslings.   In summer geese feed on the grassy trails where I ride my bike.  Too soon I watch them begin to take practice  flights, in training for the long journey south.  Another wonderful summer is ending.  Another chapter comes to an end.  They soar, huge, beautiful and powerful - a fitting symbol for our great country.

Canada's Air Force  30" x 24"

Touchdown  15" x 30"

Mother Goose Nesting  16" x 20"

The Next Generation  18" x 24"

Shore Patrol   16" x 20"

Just Two of Us  30 " x 15"

Lift Off   18" x 24"

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